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On Tour With Jen


dog-loving, vegan globetrotter with a chronic case of wanderlust



Hi! I'm Jen - transport consultant by day; dog-lover, metalhead, and globetrotter by night!

Residing in the UK, travel is one of my main passions, and I am very fortunate to have visited a number of incredible places, and always have big plans for my next adventures!

ontourwithjen.com will be bringing you travel tips, must-sees, and reviews, among other articles - who really knows!?

I'm also planning to throw in some lazy-vegan food reviews now and then! Of course, vegan restaurants and cafes from around the world will be receiving mentions as well!

When I'm not indulging in part-time globetrotting (or working or sleeping!), music is my other love - I play guitar, and I sing, both solo and in two choirs! While I feel I'm growing out of my moshing days, I still love gigs when the right ones come along, but am becoming ever more grateful for a seat over a standing ticket!

For the past year I have also been doing some freelancing, proofreading mostly for dissertations and university-level essays. Check out my Fiverr page and spread the word if you'd like!

You can reach me most easily over on instagram @ontourwithjen, or on my dog-blog @jenheartsdogs, or my personal account @jenwilliams18. I also respond to enquiries on my (mostly) business email jennifer.williams1810@gmail.com. Don't forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page to be updated whenever I post!

Thank you for visiting ontourwithjen.com - I hope to see you again soon!